Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture
    • Alex Dining Chair

      Alex Dining Chair

      MRP. 12,665 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Bbc Dining Chair

      Bbc Dining Chair

      MRP. 18,061 (Incl. of taxes)

      The BBC Dining Chair is an effortlessly stylish addition to your dining space

    • Be Dining Table

      Be Dining Table

      MRP. 55,055 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Cane Wing Dining Chair

      Cane Wing Dining Chair

      MRP. 31,286 (Incl. of taxes)

      Simple country aesthetics with comfort emphasis. Gently sloping arms with a firm seat cushion make it a dining requisite.

    • Card Table

      MRP. 23,153 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Clade Buffet Counter

      Clade Buffet Counter

      MRP. 56,469 (Incl. of taxes)

      Designed by Aashish V Anand our head of design, this amazing counter with beautiful scooped Machine tooling and Metal inserts makes it a statement piece that can grace any luxury interior.

    • Clade Dining Table

      Clade Dining Table

      MRP. 71,596 (Incl. of taxes)

      Designed by Aashish V Anand our head of design, this amazing dining table with beautiful scooped Machine tooling, Metal inserts and a veneered top makes it a statement piece for a luxury dining room.

    • Cutout Dining Chair

      MRP. 25,681 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Duke Dining Chair

      Duke Dining Chair

      MRP. 15,916 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Fresno Dining Table

      Fresno Dining Table

      MRP. 33,880 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Metal Leg  Dining Chair

      Metal Leg Dining Chair

      MRP. 16,136 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Miller Buffet Counter

      Miller Buffet Counter

      MRP. 63,910 (Incl. of taxes)

      A twist of the classic with comtemporary. For the cool Retro Mid century vibe

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