Wooden Lifestyle Furniture

Wooden Lifestyle Furniture
    • Acacia Mirror

      Acacia Mirror

      MRP. 12,166 (Incl. of taxes)
    • ACE Console

      MRP. 67,760 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Allen Lamp

      MRP. 5,375 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Bangalore Desk

      Bangalore Desk

      MRP. 31,570 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Bennet Bar Stool

      MRP. 33,457 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Big Daddy Mirror

      Big Daddy Mirror

      MRP. 21,560 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Black Berry Desk

      Black Berry Desk

      MRP. 23,870 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Concrete Base Lamp

      MRP. 6,125 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Conical Floor Lamp

      MRP. 20,490 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Damar Ottoman

      Damar Ottoman

      MRP. 13,689 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Dawn Console

      Dawn Console

      MRP. 22,330 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Dawn Ottoman

      Dawn Ottoman

      MRP. 17,235 (Incl. of taxes)

    Lifestyle page

    Living Spaces offers a diverse array of lifestyle furniture that is perfect for enhancing any home’s aesthetic. The lifestyle collection on Living Spaces showcases an impressive collection of wooden furniture that defines elegance and functionality. Each piece is designed with the customer’s living needs in mind, ensuring that every home not only looks stylish but is also comfortable and practical. The lifestyle and the bestsellers range includes various furniture categories such as ottomans, benches, consoles, desks, wall mirrors, and home bars, each crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and design. Living Spaces’ lifestyle, living room furniture and bedroom furniture is about more than just filling spaces; it’s about creating environments that reflect personal style and preferences. Whether you’re looking to revamp your living room, bedroom, dining area, or just add a few unique touches, Living Spaces’ lifestyle section offers everything needed to create a personalised and stylish home environment. Our dedication to quality and customer service makes them a reliable choice for all your furniture needs.

    How to style your home?

    Minimalist Design:

    Minimalism emphasizes simplicity and functionality. Choose pieces like the sleek desks and consoles from Living Spaces, which boast clean lines and a subdued colour palette. Pair these with minimalist wall mirrors to enhance the sense of space and light in your room. The key is to keep the decor understated and clutter-free, focusing on the beauty of each individual piece.

    Rustic Charm:

    To achieve a rustic look, opt for lifestyle furniture that evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. Benches and ottomans from Living Spaces, featuring natural wood and soft fabrics, can add a homely touch to any space. Complement these with lamps that have a vintage or artisanal feel to reinforce the rustic atmosphere. This style is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting environment.

    Contemporary Flair:

    For a contemporary home, the lifestyle furniture from Living Spaces offers modern designs that are both eye-catching and functional. Consider adding a stylish home bar or an odd-end piece that acts as a focal point in your living room. The use of bold and dynamic shapes will help to modernize your space while maintaining elegance.

    Versatile Lighting:

    Lamps from Living Spaces are not just functional; they also serve as decorative pieces that can enhance the overall aesthetics of your room. Choose lamps that complement your chosen design theme, whether it’s minimalist, rustic, or contemporary, to provide both illumination and style.

    Functional Spaces:

    Incorporating lifestyle furniture like desks and consoles can also improve the functionality of your home. These pieces are designed to offer practical solutions for everyday living while adding a touch of style. Whether it’s a home office or a creative corner, these furniture items ensure your space is both productive and visually appealing.

    Variety of Lifestyle furniture for your house:

    Wall Mirrors:

    These aren’t just reflective surfaces but style statements that can alter the perception of space, making rooms appear larger and brighter. The carefully crafted frames for these wall mirrors range from minimalist to ornate designs, suitable for enhancing both traditional and contemporary decors.


    Ideal for entryways or as accent pieces in living rooms, these consoles are both elegant and practical. Made from durable materials, they offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, providing a stylish storage solution for everyday items.


    Catering to the needs of the modern professional, the desks featured are not only about robust construction but also about promoting a productive workspace. With features like built-in storage and ample workspace, they fit seamlessly into home offices or small living areas.


    These versatile pieces serve multiple purposes— from seating to storage. Available in various styles, benches can be used in the hallway, as dining seating, or even at the foot of the bed, adding a functional yet decorative touch.


    The ottomans selected by Living Spaces are standout pieces for their multipurpose utility. Ottomans can be used as footrests, extra seating, or even as coffee tables with the addition of a tray, making them a must-have in any living room setup.

    Home Bars:

    For those who entertain often, the home bars offer a sophisticated space to store and display spirits and barware. Designed with elegance and convenience in mind, these pieces make hosting a delightful experience.

    Odd Ends and Lamps:

    These accessories are the finishing touches that can define a space’s ambiance. Lamps provide not only necessary lighting but also act as art pieces, whereas odd ends like small tables or decorative stands add character and charm to corners and spaces that might otherwise be overlooked.

    Seasonal Decor Ideas:

    Summer Refresh:

    In the summer, creating a light and airy feel in your home is essential. Utilize lifestyle furniture such as light-coloured ottomans and sleek consoles from Living Spaces to make your interiors feel more spacious and breezy. Adding a large wall mirror can enhance the sense of space and reflect more natural light, making rooms appear cooler. Light fabric covers for benches and airy curtains that match with lamps can bring a summery vibe.

    Monsoon Makeover:

    During the monsoon season, your home should feel cozy and inviting. Replace lighter curtains with thicker ones to keep out the damp and chilly air. A comfortable bench by the window, from Living Spaces’ furniture collection, provides a perfect nook for watching the rain. Adding a lamp or two for soft lighting can create a warm ambiance, while a well-placed ottoman can serve as both a footrest and a temporary storage spot for keeping rainy day essentials handy.

    Autumn Transformation:

    Autumn calls for incorporating earthy tones into your home decor. Opt for our best furniture collection in shades of orange, brown, and red. A sturdy desk from Living Spaces can be adorned with seasonal decorations, setting a festive mood. Consider rearranging your furniture to add a home bar or a console decked out with autumn-themed decor items, creating a perfect setup for festive gatherings.

    Winter Wonderland:

    In the colder months, it’s all about layering and adding luxurious touches. Incorporate thick, woven throws over ottomans and benches from Living Spaces, and add plush rugs underfoot for a warm, inviting feel. A lamp from our lifestyle furniture range can provide the soft lighting essential for creating a cozy winter atmosphere. Wall mirrors can be decorated with twinkling lights to add a festive sparkle.

    Festival Celebrations:

    Throughout the year, Indian festivals bring opportunities to brighten up your home with vibrant decor. Use lifestyle furniture from Living Spaces to create focal points in your living room or entryway. A console table can serve as a base for festival decorations, Diyas, and flowers. Home bars can be stocked and stylized for festive gatherings, while odd ends can be strategically placed to enhance the festive look.

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