Modern Living Room Furniture

Modern Living Room Furniture
    • 2L Lounge Chair

      2L Lounge Chair

      MRP. 35,169 (Incl. of taxes)
    • ACE Coffee Table

      MRP. 75,460 (Incl. of taxes)

      Understated elegance and luxury define this coffee table. High glass ebony veneer and metal base in bronze finish make this perfect for any luxury setting.

    • Ace Lounge Chair

      Ace Lounge Chair

      MRP. 27,270 (Incl. of taxes)

      A chair designed by an architect with ergonomic seat and back curvature. The hand made arm sections and turned legs add class to the design.

    • Ace Side Table

      Ace Peg Side Table

      MRP. 13,475 (Incl. of taxes)

      A classic from the Mid century age. It sleek lines are a statement in themselves

    • ACE Side Table

      MRP. 13,475 (Incl. of taxes)

      Understated elegance and luxury define this table. High glass ebony veneer and metal base in bronze finish make this perfect for any luxury setting.

    • Alex Lounge Chair

      MRP. 29,925 (Incl. of taxes)

      A beautiful curved back and delicately proportioned wood sections make this chair a “must have” for any modern contemporary setting.

    • ALFA Lounge Chair

      MRP. 60,314 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Alice Lounge Chair

      MRP. 27,913 (Incl. of taxes)

      A chair inspired by the Mid Century design movement. Slim back upholstery and tapered turned legs with metal caps make this a perfect for any comtemporary setting.

    • Alice Side Table

      MRP. 22,831 (Incl. of taxes)

      Celebrating the amazing craftmanship of India this side table with Inlay in a complex geometrical pattern makes it a perfect statement piece for any modern living room.

    • Anna Peg table

      Anna Peg table

      MRP. 16,663 (Incl. of taxes)

      A side table with cast metal and sinous turned details makes this a must have for any space.

    • Anne Lounge Chair

      MRP. 35,000 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Anne Wing Chair

      MRP. 60,200 (Incl. of taxes)

      A traditional design with contemporary finishes. The grey tone polish and floral upholstery make this chair an elegant addition to a bedroom, living room or home entrance.

    Living Room Furniture

    Living Spaces offers an exquisite selection of modern living room furniture that combines style, comfort, and craftsmanship. Designed to cater to various tastes, each piece is crafted with precision to enhance your living space. From luxurious sofas and elegant coffee tables to functional TV units, Living Spaces ensures that every item embodies sophistication and quality. Whether you’re revamping your living room or starting fresh, explore Living Spaces for a range of options that promise to bring life to your living quarters. Embrace modern living with Living Spaces, where each furniture piece is a testament to timeless elegance and contemporary design. Discover how Living Spaces can transform your living area with living room furniture and your bedroom with our bedroom furniture collection into a stylish and inviting space. Perfect for those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their living environment, Living Spaces is your go-to destination for all your living room furniture needs.

    How to choose the right living room furniture for small spaces?

    Prioritize Functionality:

    In small living areas, each piece of furniture should serve multiple purposes. Look for sofas with storage, or coffee tables that can also act as ottomans.

    Opt for Light Colours:

    Lighter shades make the living space appear bigger and brighter. Living Spaces offers a variety of living and bedroom furniture in light colours that can help enhance the sense of space.

    Scale Down the Size:

    Instead of large, bulky items, choose sleek, compact furniture. Living Spaces has a range of small-scale sofas, chairs, and tables that are perfect for smaller living environments.

    Flexible Seating Options:

    Incorporate seating that can be easily moved or tucked away. Living Spaces provides options like pouffes and ottomans that are perfect for living areas where space is at a premium.

    Vertical Storage Solutions:

    To maximise living space, utilize vertical storage options. Shelving units from Living Spaces can help organise and elevate your living area without taking up much floor space.

    Transparent Materials:

    Glass or acrylic furniture can give an illusion of more space. Living Spaces offers several pieces that can blend seamlessly into your living environment.

    Choose Light Fabrics and Textures:

    Opt for furniture with light fabrics and soft textures to keep the living area airy and open. Living Spaces’ selection includes materials that reflect light and don’t overwhelm small spaces.

    Functional Layouts:

    Arrange your furniture to optimize your living space. Living Spaces features layout ideas that enhance movement and functionality in compact living areas.

    Personal Touches:

    Finally, personalize your living space with accessories that reflect your style without cluttering the area. Choose a few key decorative items from Living Spaces to create a cozy, inviting living environment.

    Coffee table selections and styling tips

    Consider the Size: Ensure the coffee table fits your living area without overcrowding it. Living Spaces offers a huge collection of coffee tables in various sizes to fit different living environments.

    Shape Matters: The shape of the coffee table should complement your living space. Round tables are great for smaller living areas, while rectangular tables suit larger living rooms.

    Material Selection: Choose a material that fits the style of your living room. Living Spaces features wood, metal, glass, and mixed-material coffee tables that can enhance any living decor.

    Functional Features: If you’re living in a compact space, consider coffee tables with storage options from Living Spaces. These can help you keep your living area tidy and organized.

    Personal Touch: Incorporate elements that reflect your style into your living area. Living Spaces offers a range of decorative pieces that can personalize your living space.

    Lighting: A small lamp on the coffee table can add warmth to your living room. Choose from Living Spaces’ selection of table lamps to brighten up the space.

    Colour Coordination: Match or complement the colour of your coffee table with other living room furniture. Living Spaces has a variety of colour options to integrate your living space seamlessly.

    Flexibility: Opt for coffee tables that can be easily moved for different uses, such as entertaining or relaxing in the living area.

    Modern sofa designs for contemporary homes

    Sleek Lines and Minimalistic Design: Modern living calls for clean lines and clutter-free designs. Look for sofas with streamlined forms and minimal detailing.

    Neutral Colours: Stick to neutral colours to keep the living space feeling open and airy. Living Spaces provides a range of greys, beiges, and other soft tones that complement any modern décor.

    Quality Materials: Choose sofas that are durable and easy to maintain. Leather and microfiber options from Living Spaces are ideal for a living room that’s both beautiful and practical.

    Comfort Meets Style: Do not compromise on comfort for style. Living Spaces offers ergonomically designed sofas that ensure both aesthetics and comfort.

    Modular Pieces: For a living room that adapts to your lifestyle, consider modular sofas from Living Spaces. They can be reconfigured for different layouts and uses.

    Statement Pieces: Incorporate a bold piece to serve as the focal point of your living room. Whether it’s a bright colour or a unique design, Living Spaces has sofas that can make a statement.

    Pairing with Other Furniture: Coordinate your sofa with other living room furniture for a cohesive look. Choose to complement colours and styles from Living Spaces’ extensive collection.

    Space Planning: Before purchasing, measure your living area to ensure the sofa fits perfectly without overcrowding the space. Living Spaces offers various sizes to fit any living room dimensions.

    Accessories that complement your living room furniture:


    Lighting can drastically alter the mood of your living area. Choose from a variety of lamps to add both style and functionality to your living area, Lamps from Living Spaces are both functional and decorative. A well-placed lamp can create a cozy atmosphere and enhance the overall lighting.


    Use ottomans from Living Spaces as flexible living room additions. They can serve as extra seating, a footrest, or a mini-table when topped with a tray.

    Wall Mirrors:

    Mirrors are great for making living spaces feel larger and brighter. Choose from Living Spaces’ variety of wall mirrors to add elegance and the illusion of more space.


    A console table can be a stylish accent in your living area. Use it to display decorative items or organize everyday essentials, enhancing both the look and functionality of your living space.

    Odd Ends (Home Shelf, Home Display Ends, Rai Shelf):

    Incorporate unique items like home shelves and display ends from Living Spaces to personalize your living area. These pieces are perfect for showcasing your favourite decor or books.


    Bring life to your living area with indoor plants. They add colour and freshness, enhancing the overall vibe of the space.

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