Forget the single-seater sofa. It’s just plain boring. The lounge chair is what you need. It does the job (of seating one person) and does it with style and makes a statement. Use a lounge chair to add spark to a living room setting or to set up your favorite corner in your bedroom or study.

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Orbit Lounge Chair

28,910 17,346 Inc. GST

Ems Lounge Chair

38,750 23,250 Inc. GST

Vanilla Lounge Chair

22,75026,150 Inc. GST

Quincy Lounge Chair

19,25022,650 Inc. GST

Cosy Lounge Chair

19,07523,325 Inc. GST

Walter Lounge Chair

17,85022,100 Inc. GST

New York Lounge Chair

39,20043,450 Inc. GST

Country Wing Chair

51,45055,700 Inc. GST

Pin Lounge Chair

33,91538,165 Inc. GST

Trio Lounge Chair

36,20038,200 Inc. GST

Outdoor Lounge Chair

26,46029,010 Inc. GST

Kabana Chair With Ottoman In Wood Base

42,33545,835 Inc. GST

2L Lounge Chair

27,33532,435 Inc. GST

At Lounge Chair

18,28823,388 Inc. GST

Aviator Lounge Chair

23,42228,522 Inc. GST