The sofa is the cornerstone of your living space. It showcases your design preferences and reflects your lifestyle. It’s the first piece you must choose when setting up your space. Whether it’s in your formal space where you entertain or in your lounge where you spend time with the family – a sofa is going to stay with you for a long time and create memories.

So, choose well and choose first for yourself, not for others. At LivingSpaces we have curated a collection to suit varied design preferences and lifestyles.

We found 20 products available for you

Retro (27)
Urbane (180)

Spatia Sofa

51,45062,850 Inc. GST


53,20076,150 Inc. GST

Cara Sofa

74,72585,525 Inc. GST

Ethnic Sofa

51,45061,650 Inc. GST

Gray Sofa

51,45062,850 Inc. GST

Renata Sofa

48,30059,700 Inc. GST

Stubb Sofa

50,75062,150 Inc. GST

Kabana Sofa

66,250 Inc. GST

Alex Sofa

45,04555,845 Inc. GST

Big Daddy Sofa

44,10054,900 Inc. GST

Brute Sofa

44,10054,900 Inc. GST

Chic Sofa

40,74051,540 Inc. GST

Italia Sofa

49,70060,500 Inc. GST

Langham Sofa

47,46058,260 Inc. GST

Oriental Sofa

51,20562,005 Inc. GST

BE Sofa

42,96353,762 Inc. GST