Chest of Drawer

Chest of Drawer
    • 6B Chest Of Drawer

      6B Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 38,635 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Bk Chest Of Drawer

      Bk Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 31,763 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Cane Back Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 80,080 (Incl. of taxes)

      Country throwback. Charming and quaint – this piece is both pretty and spacious for packing those things away

    • Cara Chest Of Drawer

      Cara Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 76,775 (Incl. of taxes)
    • French Country Chest of Drawer

      French Country Chest of Drawer

      MRP. 83,559 (Incl. of taxes)

      French Chic. Beautiful paint finish for that dream like silhouette. Relaxed, vintage charm

    • Miller Chest Of Drawer

      Miller Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 64,680 (Incl. of taxes)

      A twist of the classic with comtemporary. For the cool Retro Mid century vibe

    • Myst Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 50,916 (Incl. of taxes)

      The Myst Bed Side table with its combination of metal base and timber top is a sleek and stylish addition to your bedroom.

    • Platform Chest Of Drawer

      Platform Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 41,580 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Pucci Chest Of Drawer

      Pucci Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 44,275 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Strand Chest of Drawer

      MRP. 63,437 (Incl. of taxes)

      An elegant mid century inspired chest of drawer. Leather covered top and drawer with modern metal accent legs. Style combined with cool design.

    • Tiny Scoop Chest Of Drawer

      Tiny Scoop Chest Of Drawer

      MRP. 50,050 (Incl. of taxes)

      The Scoop Collection is a translation of design chic, organic form and purist lines. An individualistic style statement.

    • Venetian Chest of Drawer

      Venetian Chest of Drawer

      MRP. 61,712 (Incl. of taxes)

      Designed by Aashish V Anand our head of design, this chest of drawer with Metal inserts and painted finish makes it a statement piece for a luxury Bedroom

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