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Lifestyle Furniture

Lifestyle Furniture

For the perfect look of the house, furniture plays a pivotal role. Your way of life says a lot about your taste and style. From choosing the right one to setting up the home theme, here’s a complete guide to lifestyle furniture from Living Spaces India.

To decorate homes is one of our favorite things to do. And I’m sure many of you there would love to explore new innovations in home decor and stay updated with the latest lifestyle furniture trends! 

Good furniture defines the space and gives it purpose.


The bench is a critical piece of furniture in the living room. These trendy furniture units are practical, aesthetically appealing and sustainable. They give each room a distinct feel. A wooden bench with a backrest allows you to have more seats in your cramped room.

With these beautifully sculpted Benches, spruce up an additional position near the dinner table or empty spot that requires care. Benches may establish an absolute conversation area in your living room if they are put in an acceptable manner.


If you want an extra seating space, a chic place for secret storage, or a casual dining table, the ottoman stool may be a better way to serve your function. Low ottomans will act as footstools for ottoman chairs.

A brilliant piece of furniture that doubles on comfort and elegance. Single Ottoman and double-duty Ottoman Benches are all about poise and relaxation.


We know that these console tables are the right match for any house since they bring a visual appeal to space. They are suitable for small spaces on the streets or behind sofas. If the console table is located in a living room or bedroom, they can add an emphasis on lighting and storage to your house.

Show off on this wooden display table your precious souvenirs, antiques and items and create a special location in your interior. Place all your novels, books and magazines in the adequate space that these elegant entrance tables offer.


A mirror is the soul of a house. The correct mirror that complements the home’s style will go a long way to elevating the décor. Wall mirrors come in so many different types and fabrics that you’re never short of options.

Mirrors are a trendy way of building up room space. Wall mirrors do more than make sure you look fine. They can brighten up a room or offer the illusion of a larger space.

Table Lamps

table lamp is a popular piece of furniture when it comes to describing lifestyle furniture. This is plain decor and a very handy piece of furniture, making our day-to-day life much simpler.

It provides many advantages as a decorative feature since it can be paired with the ceiling light to produce a fun effect and is not far behind as a functional element.

Accessories add a personal touch to the home. From curtains to cushions to lamps to wall hangings the list is endless. If you’re planning a theme, then make sure the home decor accessories also complement it.


Have you ever asked why it’s hard to stick to deadlines when you bring work home or are working from home? It’s because your home normally lacks the appropriate work environment and facilities. A desk is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture that sets the tone and motivates you to work.

The desk used for office work encourages you to achieve the correct stance and helps you to focus. Office furniture table typically has enough leg space and height to allow you to work comfortably.

Odd Ends

Versatile furniture units that store your books discreetly while still serving the purpose of showcasing souvenirs. Give your room a more interesting appeal to our out-of-the-box bookshelves range. Built to make a statement and sell books, crockery, beverages and cups, linen and garments.

A multipurpose furniture item for your dining room, study or bedroom section. Crafted and made in India, pick from our stunning range of sideboards, cupboards, bar cabinets, bookshelves, trolleys and drawers.


So, hope you like our guide to lifestyle furniture. Which is your favourite piece of furniture and which ones do you keep them changing very often? Do let us know.

About Living Spaces India

Living Spaces was launched in 2003. Started by Ashish Anand, an architect with extensive interior design experience in India and Southeast Asia. Living Spaces strives constantly to provide furniture for the Indian market designed for the lifestyles of urban Indians. The key is the originality of design and high-quality products that are quintessentially Indian with a global mien.

Living Spaces was started under the aegis of Vijay Anand Associates, a company with over 50 years of experience in the field of furniture making. They have furnished more than 75 five-star hotels & homes around the world.

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