Unwind with the vintage visuals of these lounge chairs
Unwind with the vintage visuals of these lounge chairs

Unwind with the Vintage Visuals of These Lounge Chairs

With over 50 years of expertise in the furniture industry and a remarkable portfolio of furnishing more than 75 five-star hotels and residences worldwide, Living Spaces brings forth this exciting new addition.

The Lounge Chair collection showcases a diverse range of designs, encompassing vintage-style chairs, chairs inspired by the Mid-century modern movement featuring contoured back upholstery, chairs showcasing luxurious quilted back upholstery, and traditional designs blended with contemporary finishes. These variations cater to different preferences and seamlessly integrate with a wider range of interior styles.

Aashish V Anand, architect and founder of LIVING SPACES emphasizes that a lounge chair is an amalgam of comfort and visually appealing piece of furniture designed specifically for relaxation and leisure. Its ergonomic design, coupled with stylish options and customizable features, makes it a discerning choice for individuals who seek both comfort and aesthetic allure in their seating arrangements.

The collection offers an extensive selection of styles, materials, and sizes to cater to diverse tastes and interior design preferences. Lounge chairs can be crafted from an assortment of materials, including wood, metal, and upholstered with fabric, leather, or synthetic materials. Each material presents its own unique aesthetic appeal and level of durability, ensuring that customers can choose a lounge chair that perfectly suits their individual preferences and requirements.

Product Detail:

Country Wing Chair: The Country Wing Chair, a truly vintage piece in the Provence style, is expertly crafted using Teak. Its internal frame is constructed with spruce wood, ensuring durability & upholstery with high-quality PU foam of different densities, offering comfortable seating. The polish used on the chair is water-based PU, providing a refined and elegant finish.

Price: Rs 60,845/= (Inclusive of taxes)

Beaumont Lounge Chair: The Beaumont Lounge Chair combines traditional design elements with contemporary finishes, resulting in a timeless piece. The chair features exquisite craftsmanship with all exposed wood meticulously crafted from either Teak. To ensure optimal comfort, the chair is upholstered with PU foam of varying densities, providing a plush seating experience. The chair’s polish is carefully applied using water-based PU, adding a sleek and refined touch to the overall aesthetic.

Price: Rs 35,000/= (Inclusive of taxes)

Alice Lounge Chair: This chair draws inspiration from the iconic mid Century design movement. With its slim back upholstery and elegantly tapered turned legs featuring metal caps, this chair seamlessly complements any contemporary setting. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, all exposed wood components are made from high-quality Teak wood or Ash wood. The inside frame of the chair is constructed using sturdy spruce wood, ensuring durability. To provide maximum comfort, the chair is upholstered with PU foam of varying densities. Additionally, all polish applied to the chair is water-based.

Price: Rs 27,913/= (Inclusive of taxes)

Quilted Tub Chair: The Quilted Tub Chair is an elegant lounge chair featuring a beautifully quilted back upholstery, tapered turned legs with metal caps. It showcases the use of high-quality Teak for exposed parts, while the inside frame is crafted from sturdy spruce wood. The chair provides comfortable seating with varying densities of PU foam. The polish applied to the chair is water- based PU, adding a refined touch to its overall design.

Price: Rs 30, 275/= (Inclusive of taxes)

About Living Spaces India

Living Spaces was launched in 2003. Started by Ashish Anand, an architect with extensive interior design experience in India and Southeast Asia. Living Spaces strives constantly to provide furniture for the Indian market designed for the lifestyles of urban Indians. The key is the originality of design and high-quality products that are quintessentially Indian with a global mien.

Living Spaces was started under the aegis of Vijay Anand Associates, a company with over 50 years of experience in the field of furniture making. They have furnished more than 75 five-star hotels & homes around the world.

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