The Decor Journal India : Aashish V Anand Transforms Vivanta By Taj Katra Hotel With Captivating Redesign
The Decor Journal India : Aashish V Anand Transforms Vivanta By Taj Katra Hotel With Captivating Redesign

The Decor Journal India : Aashish V Anand Transforms Vivanta by Taj Katra Hotel with Captivating Redesign

Aashish V Anand, interior designer and co-founder of Vijay Anand Associates and Livingspaces, took on a captivating and challenging project. His task was to redesign the public areas of the Taj Katra Hotel, Jammu; a project that held a special place in his heart as his firm had originally designed the hotel two decades ago. Preserving the essence of the original architectural language while infusing the space with a fresh and contemporary design posed a thrilling challenge that Aashish V Anand eagerly embraced.

With careful consideration of the existing building’s robust design language, Aashish V Anand and his team devised a brilliant strategy for the redesign. They artfully crafted a new structure that seamlessly integrated with the hotel’s original architecture. Their primary objective was to create an interactive space that would establish a strong connection with the outdoors, providing guests with mesmerizing views of the magnificent TRIKUTA peaks.

To achieve this, they conceived an extension to the All Day Dining, designed as a full glass enclosure. This choice allowed the natural beauty to permeate the interior, granting visitors an immersive experience with the surrounding landscape. The crowning achievement of this addition was its roof, cleverly transformed into a spacious terrace with ample seating. This brilliant concept offered guests the dual delight of savoring a culinary experience while indulging in the awe-inspiring panoramic views. The result was a design that elegantly harmonized contemporary design with the timeless charm of the original structure and integrated the landscape with the interiors.

The lobby’s interior design was thoughtfully curated to maintain a sense of continuity with the previous design, while also embracing contemporary elements. The architects decided to preserve the traditional concept of timber panelling, but with a modern twist, using contemporary painted finishes, mirrors, and metal to give it a fresh and updated look. In terms of furniture design, they opted for an eclectic blend of traditional elements combined with modern accents, all presented in a refreshing color palette. This carefully curated mix of styles added character and charm to the space while infusing it with a touch of modernity.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of accommodating more guests, the designer created additional seating in the reception area. This thoughtful enhancement not only increased the functionality of the space but also ensured a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone visiting the Vivanta by Taj, Katra Hotel. The result was a lobby that beautifully balanced tradition and contemporary flair, providing a welcoming and visually captivating environment for all guests.

“The ADD extension brought to life a stunning terrace, easily accessible from the lobby lounge. This inviting area features comfortable seating and warm fire pits, creating a cozy ambiance for guests to enjoy. With a glass railing enclosure, the terrace offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to soak in the breathtaking surroundings. Charming elements such as patterned cement tiles and pebbles were artfully incorporated, enhancing the overall setting and adding to its allure. This versatile space caters to various needs throughout the day, from serene morning tea moments to evening snacks and intimate gatherings around the bonfire. Nestled amidst nature and set against the majestic Trikuta peaks, the terrace provides an idyllic setting for the Darshan of Ma Vaishno Devi.” Adds Aashish V Anand

The original space underwent a truly remarkable transformation, now transformed into a spacious buffet area and open kitchen, meticulously designed to ensure a comfortable and uncrowded dining experience. For guest seating, a brand-new glass enclosure was skillfully added, extending into the exquisitely landscaped gardens, resulting in a dining experience unlike any other. The contemporary design language was vividly expressed through the use of vibrant, patterned tiles, intricate rattan work, and the introduction of a serene water feature.

Aashish V Anand and his team’s remarkable redesign of the public areas at Vivanta by Taj Katra Hotel achieved a perfect harmony between tradition and modernity. The newly curated spaces deliver an unforgettable experience for guests, inviting them to bask in the natural splendor while savoring every delightful moment of their stay.

Fact Sheet:
Project Name:
Vivanta by TAJ, Katra
Firm Name: Living Spaces
Interior Designers: Aashish V Anand
Size: 24000 Sqft (renovation)
Location: Katra, Jammu
Photo Courtesy: Vivanta by TAJ, Katra

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