Wooden Bed

Wooden Bed
    • Charpai Bed

      Charpai Bed

      MRP. 56,225 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Pucci Bed

      Pucci Bed

      MRP. 59,675 (Incl. of taxes)

      The bed defines the Livingspaces Philosophy. Clean lines, and distinctive design details.

    • Myst Bed

      Myst Bed

      MRP. 60,010 (Incl. of taxes)

      The Myst bed with its gorgeously tufted wing headboard is luxuriously comfortable.

    • ASH Bed

      MRP. 63,336 (Incl. of taxes)

      Clean and crisp lines. The Miller bed is perfect for a comtemporary look.

    • Tiny Scoop Bed

      Tiny Scoop Bed

      MRP. 77,015 (Incl. of taxes)

      The Scoop Collection is a translation of design chic, organic form and purist lines. An individualistic style statement.

    • Bill Bed

      Bill Bed

      MRP. 80,415 (Incl. of taxes)

      Unconventional appeal. For those who seek that offbeat extra

    • Strand Bed

      MRP. 83,037 (Incl. of taxes)

      An elegant mid century inspired bed. Quillted upholstered back and modern metal accent legs. Comfort and style combined with cool design.

    • Cara Bed

      Cara Bed

      MRP. 91,500 (Incl. of taxes)
    • Venetian Bed

      MRP. 93,969 (Incl. of taxes)

      Designed by Aashish V Anand our head of design, this bed with Metal inserts and upholstery details makes it a statement piece for a luxury Bedroom

    • Cane Back Poster Bed

      Cane Back Poster Bed

      MRP. 95,480 (Incl. of taxes)

      French Chic. Washed wood finish for that dream like silhouette. Relaxed, vintage charm

    • Gray Poster Bed

      MRP. 131,109 (Incl. of taxes)

      French Chic. Gray washed wood finish for that dream like silhouette. Relaxed, vintage charm

    • New 1  Bed With Bst

      New 1 Bed With Bst

      MRP. 154,800 (Incl. of taxes)

    It’s where we spend a third of our lives (at least most of us). The bedroom should make you feel relaxed and in your element. Go with your own personal likes. Whether it’s a poster bed to give you a secure, comfortable feel or an upholstered headboard to sit up and relax in with your morning tea, we have all the styles you want.

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